Giovanni Trappolini

Hi everyone!
My name is Giovanni Trappolini.
I obtained an MSc in Data Science, graduating as one of Sapienza University's top students with a thesis on multi-resolution topological data analysis.
I went on to obtain a Ph.D. in Machine Learning under the supervision of Emanuele Rodolà and the exciting environment of the GLADIA Lab.
At present, I am a Research Fellow at Sapienza University, working with Prof. Fabrizio Silvestri in the RSTLess Lab.
My research interests are machine and deep learning, with a keen enthusiasm for applying these methodologies to technical and scientific problems.
Giovanni Trappolini.jpg

The Power of Noise: Redefining Retrieval for RAG Systems
Cuconasu, Florin; Trappolini, Giovanni; Siciliano, Federico; Filice, Simone; Campagnano, Cesare; Maarek, Yoelle; Tonellotto, Nicola; Silvestri, Fabrizio
RRAML: Reinforced Retrieval Augmented Machine Learning
Bacciu, Andrea; Cuconasu, Florin; Siciliano, Federico; Silvestri, Fabrizio; Tonellotto, Nicola; Trappolini, Giovanni;
Renormalized Graph Neural Networks
Caso, Francesco; Trappolini, Giovanni; Bacciu, Andrea; Liò, Pietro; Silvestri, Fabrizio;
Sparse Vicious Attacks on Graph Neural Networks
Trappolini, Giovanni; Maiorca, Valentino; Severino, Silvio; Rodola, Emanuele; Silvestri, Fabrizio; Tolomei, Gabriele;
CycleDRUMS: automatic drum arrangement for bass lines using CycleGAN
Barnabò, Giorgio; Trappolini, Giovanni; Lastilla, Lorenzo; Campagnano, Cesare; Fan, Angela; Petroni, Fabio; Silvestri, Fabrizio;
Multimodal Neural Databases
Trappolini, Giovanni; Santilli, Andrea; Rodolà, Emanuele; Halevy, Alon; Silvestri, Fabrizio;
Fauno: The Italian Large Language Model that will leave you senza parole!
Bacciu, Andrea; Trappolini, Giovanni; Santilli, Andrea; Rodolà, Emanuele; Silvestri, Fabrizio;
FLIRT: Federated Learning for Information Retrieval
Pinelli, Fabio; Tolomei, Gabriele; Trappolini, Giovanni;
Prompt-to-OS (P2OS): Revolutionizing Operating Systems and Human-Computer Interaction with Integrated AI Generative Models
Tolomei, Gabriele; Campagnano, Cesare; Silvestri, Fabrizio; Trappolini, Giovanni;
Shape registration in the time of transformers
Trappolini, Giovanni; Cosmo, Luca; Moschella, Luca; Marin, Riccardo; Melzi, Simone; Rodolà, Emanuele;
Towards precise completion of deformable shapes
Halimi, Oshri; Imanuel, Ido; Litany, Or; Trappolini, Giovanni; Rodolà, Emanuele; Guibas, Leonidas; Kimmel, Ron;
Multiresolution Topological Data Analysis for Robust Activity Tracking
Trappolini, Giovanni; Padellini, Tullia; Brutti, Pierpaolo;

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